100th Day of School

Classrooms everywhere are counting the days.  Kindergarten students are looking at that big number get bigger each day.   Teachers are making plans for the “big day.”

The 100th Day of School is celebrated widely in classrooms throughout the United States and Canada.  It is a milestone that marks the half way point in the school year – 100 days of class are over.  Classes have fun with the number 100 – collecting, reading, stacking, or even eating 100 items.

In my blog of January 29, 2011, you can find some books on the 100th Day of School to share with your grandchildren and also some of the fun projects they might be doing in their classrooms.

One set of my grandchildren has told me that their 100th Day of School will be January 26; the other will celebrate 100 days on January 31.  Of course, a snow day means a change in the day of the big finale.  Last year one day had to be changed twice because we had a snowy winter.

To let my grandchildren know that I am celebrating this big accomplishment along with them, even though we are miles apart, I am sending them 100th Day of School postcards to their mailboxes.

These came from www.zazzle.com.

And, of course, I’ll add some riddles to the cards.

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?  The class was so bright.

When is the moon the heaviest?  When it is full.

What is the shortest month?  May – it only has 3 letters.

What does the sun drink out of?  Sunglasses.

What kind of ball doesn’t bounce?  A snowball

What is red, white, blue, and yellow?  The star-spangled banana

What is a sleeping bull called?  A bulldozer

Where do snowmen go to dance?  Snowballs

My 6 year old grandson who lives 20 minutes away wrote me a letter today with a really funny riddle that I’ll add to the mix.   Why did the cow cross the road?  To get to the moovie theater.

These riddles (except for my grandson’s) came from www.reallygoodstuff.com.  This website offers 100th Day of School items for sale.  These riddles are part of a booklet of 100 riddles that can be enjoyed during the 100th Day of School celebration.

Thank you for stopping by Grandma in the Mailbox.  Next week I’ll show you the Valentine decorations that grace my house thanks to my grandchildren.  I hope you’ll stop back again.

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