A Grandma/Granddaughter Sleepover

My granddaughter asked if she could have a sleepover with me – without her little brother.  I agreed so we made a date.

By the way my oldest granddaughter told me that they are called “overs,” not “sleepovers” because no one sleeps.  This grandma needs her sleep.

My granddaughter arrived for the sleepover, but not alone.

She was accompanied by Lanie, Hannah, Bitty Baby, Joseph and Mary, her American Girl family.

The sleepover checklist included:  food, a movie, crafts and fun.

My granddaughter said that she wanted to cook dinner with me instead of going out or picking something up.  Knowing what this young lass likes, I knew that mac ‘n cheese was  going to be on the menu.  It is a good thing that the American Girl dolls don’t eat because this tiny granddaughter can really put away the mac ’n cheese.  For dessert we had fresh strawberries with whipped cream.  Lesson for grandma:  watch out when a 6 year old wants to squirt whipped cream on her strawberries.  We had to pause before we ate to clean the whipped cream off the table, off the floor, off her face, and out of her bangs – laughing as we did.

The movie she selected was Tinkerbell.  I requested it from the library and we were all set.

My granddaughter loves to draw and paint.  She always requests more craft time when she visits my house.

We started off with paint pens, glitter glue and pasta. 

Using wagon wheel pasta and elbow macaroni, she made this picture with flowers, a cat, a tree, rainbow, and clouds.

A pastoral scene with a lady bug.  She battled the glitter glue with this picture.  Memo to Grandma:  Buy fresh glitter glue before the next craft session.

The next craft project came from www.thismamamakesstuff.com.  Using scraps of fabric and ribbon and trim, we made clothes for dolls.  The September 17 2010 post at this website provided doll patterns that could be downloaded onto card stock.  I put together a tub of scraps of fabric, ribbons, and trims.  My granddaughter designed outfits for the dolls by cutting the fabric and using photo sticker squares to dress the dolls.  When she was finished, she had a family –  father, daughter, and mother.

Like all little girls I know,  my granddaughter likes to play school.  I have a magnetic chalkboard in the playroom that all the grandchildren have fun drawing on and putting magnetic letters, numbers, and animals upon.

Today it was the school room and my granddaughter was the teacher.  The students were all of the American Girl dolls, a bag of stuffed animals that she had arranged in rows on the floor, and me.  We practiced counting and the teacher asked us some addition problems.  Then there was the unexpected – never happened in my playroom school before, the teacher said that we were having a fire drill.  She made a whooping alarm sound and we had to gather all the dolls and stuffed animals and exit the room and the school and go to the church next door.  In this case the church next door was my hallway. 

Soon the all-clear was sounded and we went back into the classroom only to hear the footsteps of mommy, daddy, and little brother coming in to end our sleepover.

What a fun time!

Thanks for stopping by.  Groundhog Day is coming and I am getting a mailing ready to go into the mailbox for each grandchild.  Stop by soon to check this out.

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