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Getting ready for Easter

Monday, March 28th, 2011

I have in the kitchen a grapevine wreath that changes with the seasons – seasonally appropriate ornaments are added to the wreath. 

My decorators made a Spring Break stop at my house recently.  The grandchildren who live 20 minutes away are in charge of this wreath.

When they arrived, the wreath was still sporting its Valentine decorations.  I took down the wreath and the children removed the Valentines.  My grandson pointed out that the Wiggles, My Little Pony, and Bob, the Builder are no longer favorites.  He suggested that I should buy some new Valentines before next February.  OK.  He’s in charge.

The children set to work to turn the wreath into an Easter wreath.

Of course, we added the little Hallmark Easter bunny that their daddy received from his grandmother many years ago at Easter.

Then they decorated the cat – no, not the real one.

Then they headed for the craft table so they could make some Easter decorations to put in the planter on the clock.

Each made an Easter bunny carrying an Easter basket. Each bunny also had a carrot handy for a snack.  They also decorated some eggs.  They took all their artwork into the dining room.  They asked me to stay in the living room so that they could arrange everything and surprise me.

When all was set, they called me into the room.  So cute! 

Every time I walk through the room and see the clock, it brings a smile and a memory of a special time with my grandchildren to my mind.  Making a memory for grandma.

Thanks for stopping by.  In a few days I’ll be back to tell you about the Easter games and riddles and jokes that will be ready to go into the mailbox for my grandchildren.

Valentines in MY Mailbox

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

I received surprises in MY mailbox today – Valentines from my grandchildren.

The grandchildren know that I love jigsaw puzzles.  Both families gave me jigsaw puzzles for Christmas.  Add on Valentine’s Day.  The far away family decorated Valentine shaped jig saw puzzles for me.  I can pop them out and put the puzzle together.

They also know I am a cat person.  My granddaughter made a cute kitten for me.  My grandson loves tigers so much.  He found a card in the store with a tiger giving me a big hug.  Just perfect choices.

These cards are so much better than a box of chocolates or a dozen roses.  They are little bits of love made just for me.  I’ll treasure them forever.

Hope you have a day full of special moments.