Crack the Curse

I am a baseball fan; I am a Cub fan – the diehard kind of Cub fan.  The Cubs are always waiting for next year – maybe that will be a good year.  Is there a curse against the Cubs?

Back in 1945 the Cubs were playing the Detroit Tigers in the World Series in Wrigley Field.  William Sianis, a tavern owner, decided to go to the game – WITH his goat.  He even bought a ticket for the goat.  They got to their seats and were watching the game or at least Sianis was when it started to rain.  After the rain, came the sun.  After the sun’s warmth started shining on the goat, nearby fans complained of the odor of wet goat.  Sianis and the goat were asked to leave the ball park.  The Cubs lost the game, and they lost a fan.

Sianis stood outside Wrigley Field and invoked a curse, promising that the Cubs would not play in another World Series in Wrigley Field because his goat had been insulted.

The Cubs lost that World Series and as predicted the Cubs have not played another World Series in Wrigley Field.  In April 1969 just before his death, Sianis is said to have lifted the curse.  However, still no World Series.

From time to time fans come up with ideas for breaking the “curse.”  Last winter some fellows who had worked together at Denali National Park in Alaska came up with an idea.  They were baseball fans, and all but one was a Cub fan.  They would walk from Mesa, Arizona, the site of Cub spring training to Wrigley Field to break the “curse.”

Since all the men had been touched by cancer – a friend or a family member having suffered from cancer, they decided that as they walked,  they would try to raise money for cancer research. Money that is donated is given to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Hutchinson is a former baseball player who died from cancer.

They decided to take a friend with them – Wrigley, a goat that they purchased on Craigslist.

The fellows departed from Mesa, Arizona, on February 25, the birthday of the late Ron Santo, a Cub star who lost his life to cancer.  The fellows walk about 25 miles a day.  Wrigley walks about 4 or 5 miles a day.  Then he rides in a utility cart that the guys adapted for Wrigley.

They camp out at night and fix their own meals.  As they have journeyed closer and closer to Chicago, word has spread about their journey.  Well wishers bring them food and water and money for the cancer fund.  Some have provided lodging for them overnight.

They have walked through a dust storm in New Mexico and were near the outbreak of tornadoes that occurred in Oklahoma a few weeks ago.  They along with Wrigley huddled in a truck stop with other travelers until the storms passed by.

As I write, the guys and Wrigley have completed Day 74 of walking and spent last night in Cuba, Missouri.  They will arrive in St. Louis this weekend when the Cubs are there to play the Cardinals.  They hope to see the Monday night game.  Who will goat-sit, I wonder.  Then it will be up Route 66 (I-55) to Chicago.

Next Tuesday they will start the final leg of  their trip.  I’ll figure out when they will be nearby using the 25 miles a day formula and then journey over to see them.  I’ll take some treats for men and goat and a donation to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  I hope to get my photo taken with Wrigley.

If you want to follow the Crack the Curse crew, you can “like” them on Face Book at Crack the Curse.  They also have a website: At the website is a link to donate to the Hutchinson fund or to buy a tee shirt or sun glasses.  Each night as they settle in, they post an account of their day on Face Book and on their blog:

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