Grandma Camp II

A few days ago my grandchildren who live 20 minutes away came in to my house for a day of Grandma Camp.  If you have heard about my grandson’s bucket list, I’ll tell you right off.  YES, we did.  We did everything that he patiently listed at the last camp citing these were things that Grandma never let’s us do. 

Played with Play Dough.  He specialized in the production of noodles of various colors.  His sister made a little girl and her dog out of Play Dough.

Played in the sandbox.

Played with water balloons.  I had filled the balloons the afternoon before camp, and I ended up really wet with balloons that broke or spurted off the hose attachment.  It was a hot day so that felt good.

Last item on his list – the game with a 1000 pieces.  Not really.  It is a construction set of gears called Goofy Grins and the box says that it has 118 pieces.  That is more than enough on the playroom floor.  The three of us sat down on the rug and put together a series of gears and got them all running.  Then comes the pick up/clean up.

We did so many more activities.  It was a very busy day.

We stopped at the library and picked up a book to read during snacks and a video to watch during snacks.  Unfortunately the video had problems so that was a short view.  AND we picked up a CD of Pixar songs to listen to in the car and while we were doing camp activities.

With the picnic lunch I had packed, we headed to a neighborhood park where the children enjoyed running, playing, and climbing on the playground equipment.  Then we settled down at a table for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit kabobs before heading back to my house.

The children like to put together ingredients for a snack mix. They call it Mix.  We mix it together and use it for a snack.  A bonus for them is that a container of Mix goes home with them.

The ingredients vary each time we make Mix.  The children enjoy measuring and dumping everything into a big mixing bowl.  We used 2 1/2 cups of Cheerios, 1 cup of chocolate Goldfish, 1 cup of pretzels the children broke into smaller pieces, 1 cup of peanut butter/milk chocolate chips, 1 cup of lightly salted dry roasted peanuts.  The children took turns mixing.  I asked my grandson how old he is.  He said 5.   I told him to stir 5 times.  My 7 year old granddaughter asked if she should then stir 7 times.  Right.  Then we sampled.  I asked for suggestions from the chefs.  We put in a couple more Goldfish and a few more peanuts, and it was completed and ready for snack time.

Something new at camp was a science experiment.  I found this at a website just full of ideas for activities with children:

Will it float or sink?  First, I asked the children if they knew what float means.  They had just finished a week of swimming lessons so that was easy.  Then we looked at the 12 items on the list.  Taking turns (so many fewer arguments that way) I asked before we ran the experiment, if they thought the items would float or sink  A comb, a rock, a leaf etc. – you can see the list.  It was rather interesting.  My granddaughter picked up the small sea shell.  She said that sea shells are found under the water in the sand so they do not float.  She also pointed out that anything with air inside will float -like the plastic Easter egg.

We ran the experiment in the kitchen sink full of water.

Good work.  The children had guessed correctly float or sink on all but one item.  That was a small rubber ball that did float.  As they were drying their hands, they asked if we can have another science experiment at the next Grandma Camp.

We heard a knock at the door.  It was a grandma and grandpa coming to see if they could check books out of Grandma’s Library.  The children were so happy to see patrons coming in.  They had processed some new books for the library earlier in the afternoon.

Grandma and Grandpa each checked out two books and were given bookmarks made by one of the librarians.

After the library patrons departed, we decided it was time to rest a bit and sample the Mix.  I read the children the book we had checked out of the library “The Night Before Summer Camp” by Natasha Wing. 

This had been such a busy day. It fairly flew by.  We did fit in another treasure hunt with 6 clues sending them to various rooms in my house and out in the garden before they discovered their hidden treasures which were small notebooks and pens.  (I love those $1 bins at Michaels and at Target.  You can find inexpensive treats for the grandchildren there.)

We had a few minutes for free time before Mommy came for pick up so we sat on the floor and played Barbies.  Even my grandson.  Ken was his doll.  As he played, he dictated a list of  “what we really need to do at the next camp, Grandma. ”  I listened; I remember; we shall do it.

Thanks for the visit.  We will be heading north to the Windy City to see a baseball game in a few days.  I love baseball so I am probably more excited than the children.

3 Responses to “Grandma Camp II”

  1. Nancy Heath Huisinga Says:

    Do you remember your former next door neighbot? Jean told me that the article was about you in the paper, which I read with great admiration and decided to check out your site. I have a granddaughter who is a teacher and I will tell her to read your blog. I enjoyed it very much and copied your Mix recipe!

  2. Debbie Risselman Says:

    I am thinking about you and your grandchildren at Wrigley Field! I hope you’re in the shade. Go Cubbies!
    I can’t wait until I’m a Grandma and can use some of these wonderful ideas. You are very clever and resourceful!

  3. grandma Says:

    Of course, I remember you. I “helped” you bake cookies way back when. Bet I was really just in the way, but you were very patient with me. Last week I took both sets of grandkids to Wrigley for Cubs games. Their first Wrigley games! Won one; lost one. We had fun and made great memories. Thanks for reading my blog.