Happy Birthday #6

In a few weeks my grandson who lives 20 minutes away will be celebrating his 6th birthday.  I am have been the “official” cake baker for this young man for the past five years.

The first year the bewildered little fellow watched his sister and her friend blow out the candle on his cake with Care Bear decorations.   He did sport a smile when he dug into the frosting and cake to sample it.

At 2 years he was in love with Elmo.   A stuffed Elmo went to bed with him every night so we decided Elmo would make a perfect cake for him.  I had never used a shape pan before so I decided that I should bake a practice cake.  I could not begin to eat that cake alone.  Luckily a young college student  from France was in town visiting his father.  I gave them the cake.  An unlikely couple to be eating an Elmo cake.  They gave thumbs up as they went back for a second piece.

For his 3rd birthday we asked what kind of cake he would like.  The answer of a train cake was no surprise since he, at that time, would spend hours each day building Thomas the Tank Engine layouts.  It seemed perfect.  If you peer closely, you’ll see a photo of him as the engineer in the train and his sister  riding in the caboose.

Only a few days after his 3rd birthday, he said, “Grandma, next year I want an excavator birthday cake.”  What????  You know they say you can find anything on the internet.  I found an excavator birthday cake at www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com.   I modeled his 4th birthday cake after that one.  As you can see, he is driving the machinery and his big sister is directing traffic showing him where to dig next.

His 5th birthday cake was “a piece of cake.”  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.   Toy Story was his favorite movie.  And a small stuffed Woody went to bed, to church, everywhere with him.  He said, “I would also like some action figures.” That made an easy project for me.  He had dressed up as Woody for Halloween; his sister was dressed as Jessie so photos of them topped the cake also.

At one point he had said that he wanted a car wash cake.  Yes, a car wash cake.  By the way you can find such a cake on the internet.  It would be so simple to make.  I thought that maybe this would be the year for a car wash cake, but he had another idea.  He is the boss.

I have a plan for his cake.  Practice again – this time only on the decorations.   I have 10 days to get it perfect or to come up with Plan 2.

Thank you for visiting Grandma in the Mailbox.  Postcard time is around the corner.  Please stop back to check out the Thanksgiving postcards and riddles that will go into the mailbox for my grandchildren later this month.

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