I met Wrigley, the goat

I met the cutest goat this week – Wrigley.

Wrigley is no ordinary goat.  He is a goat who travels in good company – with 5 guys who have been walking from Arizona to Wrigley Field in Chicago to Crack the Curse against the Chicago Cubs (they have not been in a World Series since 1945 – see last post) and to help find a cure for cancer by collecting donations for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Fund.

And further Wrigley has his own TWITTER account.  He daily tweets his thoughts about the day’s journey.  On Tuesday evening at 6:55PM he tweeted, “I can see Illinois.  These guys can’t push my cart fast enough.”  (Due to all the St. Louis traffic and the act of going over the bridge Wrigley was confined to his cart for the day’s travels.

I had written last week about the arrival of the Crack the Curse crew + Wrigley in St. Louis.  Arrive they did.  On Monday they visited the Cardinals Kids Cancer Center.  The children enjoyed petting Wrigley and giving him treats.  Cheez-its seemed to be a hit with the goat.

Locker Dome, a sports social media website,  (http://lockerdome.com) had offered the group including Wrigley a place to stay for the night.  Accompanied by my grandchildren, I stopped by the Locker Dome office, and we met Wrigley.

Here my grandson, granddaughter, two of the Crack the Curse crew and I are attempting to pose with Wrigley.  I think he was ready for another handful of Cheez-its and not for standing still and being petted.

The fellows + goat headed for the river front to visit the Arch and to visit with others at the Arch.  They all stopped by Busch Stadium and talked with a few Cub players and many Cub fans who had make the trip to St. Louis for the game.  The fellows had tickets for the evening game between the Cubs and the Cardinals.  Wrigley did not have a ticket.

Wrigley went back to Locker  Dome, where an intern was waiting to goat-sit for the evening.

Tuesday meant back on the road and over the border into Illinois.  They are on their final leg of the 1900 mile trip.  On Tuesday, May 15 they camped out in Alton, IL.  Now the trek northward to the Friendly Confines with its ivy covered wall (and Wrigley the goat has been quoted as saying he would like to get a taste of that ivy) begins – 25 miles (or so) a day.

If you want to see the Crack the Curse entourage, they will be reaching the Springfield, IL area on Saturday, May 19; Bloomington, IL about Monday, May 21.  These are estimates based on a 25 mile a day.  They plan to continue sticking close to the old Route 66 (I-55) on roads that allow walkers.  If they will be near you, why not drive out to visit them.  They love snacks and Wrigley also does.  You can give them contributions to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Fund.  Donations can also be made at their website: http://www.crackthecurse.com/

You can follow their progress by checking the blog:  http://blog.crackthecurse.com/ Their daily post typically goes up about 10:00PM.  They are also on Face Book at Crack the Curse.

I have so enjoyed following the daily updates from Matt and the fellows and now the tweets from Wrigley.

Thank you for stopping by Grandma in the Mailbox.  Next week I’ll publish a recipe from the past.  Hope you visit again.




One Response to “I met Wrigley, the goat”

  1. George & Jan Aldrich Says:

    Thanks so much for your wonderful and informative posts. Jan and I are the parents of Philip Aldich, one of the intrepid CTC team members. You and so many others have made this a truly memorable odyssey for 5 dedicated young men and Wrigley. We plan on being at Wrigley Field for the Memorial Day and Tuesday games. Our very best to you always and will follow your posts! George and Jan.

    PS love the cookie recipes – will bring some to Wrigley :>)