Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna Erupt

While my grandson and granddaughter who live 3 hours away were visiting at my home during Spring Break, my grandson wanted to know if we could have Grandma Camp.  I suggested a science experiment, and he thought that was a great idea.

We would make volcanoes and have them erupt.  I told the children could choose the color of lava they wanted – any color.  My granddaughter thought teal and sunset orange would be great colors for lava.

We started by molding volcanoes out of white sand around plastic cups.  We let them rest overnight so that the volcanoes could harden.  Then the children landscaped their volcanoes.  

When the volcanoes were ready, we put the recipe for lava into them.  First, 1/2 cup of warm water was poured into the plastic cup.  To this was added about 6 drops of dish washing detergent and several drops of food coloring – any color or any combination of colors.  Two tablespoons of baking soda were dropped in the the liquid and this was all stirred together well.  Almost time for the action.  The final ingredient, 1/3 cup of vinegar, was poured into the mix and voila.  We had eruptions. We had lava.  Wow, what colors.

After the eruptions had settled down, my granddaughter reminded me that we were going to make flower coronets for her to take home.  This was truly going to be an experiment because I had never done this before.

We cut hyacinths from my garden.  While the children broke the individual flowerlets from the stem, I cut lengths of floral wire.  Then the children began stringing the bits of hyacinth on to the wire.

Oh, the coronets smelled so sweet as they grew.  When they were finished, I put ribbon streamers at the back so they would stream down from the coronet.

My granddaughter modeled one of the coronets.

And my grandson was eager to show his completed work.

We tucked these fragrant headdresses into a cooler and set out to go over the river to their home.  The  flower head-wear lived for a week by spending each evening in the refrigerator.  I’m sure this is a Grandma Camp experience that they will remember for a long time and next spring will request a repeat.

Thank you for stopping by to visit Grandma in the Mailbox.  Do you remember May Baskets?  Oh, back when I was a small one, I spent the week before May 1 busily preparing baskets for all my friends.  I’ll talk about these next week.  I hope that you stop back again.

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