Putting Memories Together

I have talked about Grandma Camp – the activities and the adventures and the fun.  I like to  put together a memory album for my grandchildren so that they can look over what we did and years from now remember the fun.  Actually my grandson usually pulls out the albums from the previous years each June before we have our first camp.  He looks at what we did and decides what he wants to do all over again.

I have just completed an album for my grandchildren who live 20 minutes away.  We had two camp sessions during the summer so there were  many photos to put together for the album.  Having put albums together for the past three years for all the grandchildren, I have learned a little something about photo albums.  I search out albums for 4 X 6 photos.  I like the ones with sleeves to slip the photos in.  They seem to be made in two capacities – 60 and 160.  Gr, rr 60 is not enough, and 160 is too many.  Live with it, Grandma.

First of all, I spread the photos out and select the ones that I want to use in the album.

I cut out 4 X 6 rectangles of colored paper to slip into the album to serve as fillers and to hold blurbs that describe the photos.

Then to put the album together.  I laid it out in chronological order and composed some descriptions to accompany the photos.



I enjoyed reliving the Grandma Camps as I put the photos into the album.  I remember some of the  fun times and hilarious comments of my grandchildren.

And finally I selected a little photo to slip into the cover.  A photo of the three of us.  And here is the finished product.

Thank you for visiting Grandma in the Mailbox.  Next week I’ll have a delicious cookie recipe to share with you.  It is a recipe that can alsoeasily be turned into a vegan version or a gluten-free version.  I hope that you stop back again for another visit.


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