The Grandma Gazette

There is a new newspaper in these parts.  It has no advertisements.  Circulation is limited – 4 grandchildren and 2 friends.

The Grandma Gazette debuted in March.  All of my grandchildren can now read.  I wanted to communicate with them.  They are  too young for email accounts.  I have a twitter account; they don’t.  I decided to write a newspaper for them.  I cover family news, cat news,  and I include riddles, of course.

I call it The Grandma Gazette. The masthead carries the paper’s motto – All the news that Grandma can remember.  My 10 year old granddaughter thinks this is really funny.  She is probably the only one who catches me in “senior moments.”

I set the newspaper up in Word using columns.  I have a header for the date and masthead information and a footer for the pagination.  Below is a sample page from the first edition. (Sorry about the small size, but – well, that was all I could get to paste into the blog.  If you click on the thumbnail, you’ll get a larger version you can read.)


In June the newspaper talked about softball.  All the grandchildren play so I included photos of each of them at one of their games.  In August my 10 year old granddaughter celebrated her 10th birthday so there were various photos of her all the way back to year #1.  Her grandfather also celebrated a birthday in August, and I was able to get some photos of him taken when he was the age of the grandchildren.  They had never seen those, and they were surprised to learn that Grandpa was just like them – he played with his sister, his grandma baked treats for him, and he got into trouble sometimes.

September’s issue which has not yet come off the presses will be about school.  I’ll include photos of the schools that they each attend since the children who live 20 minutes away and the children who live 3 hours away have never seen each other’s schools.   I also plan to have a photo of the elementary school that I attended and my first grade photo – Grandma with her long braids.

In October there will be another birthday to celebrate  with photos of the birthday girls and maybe even a photo of  Halloween costumes they have worn in the past.   November brings another family birthday to celebrate.  Of course, December will have a Christmas issue with photos of my Christmas tree and Snow Village and a memory or two from past Christmas celebrations.

I print the newspapers out so that each grandchild gets a copy.  With the help of the parents the newspaper often magically appears on the front porch outside the door – delivered just as the local “big people’s” newspaper  is delivered.

This is so much fun for me.  I just love  putting together The Grandma Gazette. My grandchildren love receiving the newspaper.

My grandchildren who live 20 minutes away have both tried their hand at their own newspapers using Mom’s desktop computer.  It was fun helping them with the spelling as they each worked on their first issue.

Thank you for stopping by Grandma in the Mailbox.  I hope that you stop by again for another visit.


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