Sleepover Grandma Camp

Summer is winding down.  Time for school to begin.  It is also time for the last Grandma Camp of the summer.  My grandchildren who live 20 minutes away asked if the last camp could be a sleepover camp.

Certainly.  No problem.

We started camp as usual with a trip to the library.  But this trip was, as requested, on the city bus.  Luckily the bus line that serves the library runs about a half a block from my house.  The  purpose of our trip to the library was to pick up the movie that we were going to watch during the evening – “Ice Age.”

Since we had some time to wait for the return bus to pick us up, we walked to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone.  Oh, my, the choices – so many.  After some study of the flavors and some questions, both my grandson and granddaughter settled upon chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in cones.

They had requested another science experiment at camp.  This time we were going to build volcanoes and have them erupt.

Wearing their “work shirt” hand-me-downs from Grandpa, they built volcanoes of damp white sand.  The volcanoes were landscaped with sticks and flowers.  Then we set the volcanoes in the garage to harden overnight.

The next morning we worked on “loading” the volcanoes.  There were plastic cups in the center of the volcanoes.  First, we put in some warm water, then a couple of drops of dish detergent, a few drops of food coloring and a tablespoon of baking soda.  The children gently stirred the crater.  Then they added 1/3 cup of vinegar.  And voila!  Eruption fun.

My grandson had wanted orange lava; my granddaughter, purple.  Since we were using liquid food coloring, the colors didn’t turn out exactly as they thought they would, but it was exciting.

It was so much fun that they wanted to do it again.  After our lava had settled down, we put all the ingredients back into the volcano and had another eruption.

There are many websites on the internet that offer instructions on building soda/vinegar volcanoes.  I used the instructions from:  You can find instructions by searching on clay volcano.

We ended the day by eating pizza and watching the movie “Ice Age.”  I had seen it with my grandchildren who live 3 hours away and really liked it.  These grandchildren enjoyed the adventures of the  wooly mammoth and the sloth.  When it was over, my grandson said, “Grandma, do you know what my new favorite movie is?”  It had been Cars 2.  I told him that I didn’t have a clue.  He yelled, “Ice Age.”  And then he quickly followed up by asking, “When can we watch “Ice Age 2?”

The next morning bright and early we headed to the doughnut shop to pick our breakfast treats.

Decisions, decisions.  With our donuts we settled down at the table in the sunporch to enjoy our treats.  I read “Arnie the Doughnut” to them while they ate and I tried to get a bite in between pages.

I wrote about “Arnie” by Lauie Keller in my last blog entry.

Of course, we can’t have a Grandma Camp without a treasure hunt.  The team, and I stress they are a team and not competitors, ran from the sunporch to the playroom to the clue hidden outside before finding the treasure hidden in the tub of Barbie clothes.

A clue by the bird bath.

It was time to head to the park to play and to have lunch.  We went to a park that is located near the elementary school that the children’s daddy and uncle attended.  Of course, we had to drive by the “old” house where daddy grew up, and I showed them his bedroom window and their uncle’s bedroom window.

At the park I was drafted into their Navy.  We had two ships that traveled the seas – rather rapidly.  It took but a short time to sail from Florida to Australia and then back to Michigan.  Michigan?  Well, they were in charge.

After our lunch of pbj sandwiches and fruit, we headed back to my house to play until Mommy and Daddy came to pick them up.

No better way to spend the last minutes of Grandma Camp than to get out the PlayMobile people and the Hot Wheel cars and settle down on the playroom rug.

Grandma Camp was really fun this summer especially since we added the new features like science experiments and treasure hunts.  I am putting together a photo album for the children of our activities this summer.

When the children heard their parents coming in the house, my grandson asked, “Grandma, can we have camp during Christmas vacation?”

Thanks for stopping by.  I have mentioned the great finds that are in the playroom.  Well, I also bought some “oops” that never made it to the playroom.  I’ll tell you about these soon.

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