Spring Break Fun

The grandchildren recently had their Spring Breaks.  The ones near and the ones far away had the same week of vacation so we were able to have lots of fun.

Another grandma and I picked up the grandchildren who live 3 hours away to bring them back to our houses for a visit.

When I was young, I really enjoyed the stories about Paul Bunyan and his big blue ox, Babe.  I asked my grandchildren if they knew about Paul Bunyan.  My 9 year old granddaughter said that she had “heard” of him.  Her 6 year old brother just shook his head no.  I tried to sketch out the story for them because we were going to visit Paul on our way to my house.

For a couple of years I have wanted to drive to Atlanta, IL, to see the BIG Paul Bunyan eating a hot dog.  I know, I know, Paul usually eats stacks and stacks of pancakes, but it appears that he liked the occasional hot dog.  Atlanta, IL is located on old Rt. 66.  Like other cities and villages along Rt. 66 Atlanta wanted a “carrot” to attract visitors to the village.  As I read about Atlanta, IL, on the internet, I saw that they had the big Paul who stands 19 feet tall and also an old-timey restaurant serving among other things luscious pies and a transportation museum.

It was just a little jog on the map to stop in Atlanta so we did that on a Saturday afternoon at 4:00PM.  Unfortunately the Palms Grill Cafe,  the restaurant with the slices of pie that had us salivating, was closed. Alas, no cherry or pecan or peach pie that I had read about.  Add to that another unfortunately because the transportation museum was also closed.  We were able to look in the window at the motorized bicycle and the old, old tricycle.

Paul – Paul was still there.  His head was not through the clouds, but he was really tall.

We stood on his feet to have our photo taken.  No complaints from Paul about standing on his toes.

Cousin play dates always mean two things – craft time and dress up time.  I still had the tree that had been a Valentine tree.  Its branches were bare so the children gathered at the craft table and colored rabbits and chicks and eggs to turn the tree into an Easter tree.


“May we get out the dress up clothes now?”  Of course, so the big tub of clothes came up from the basement.  The girls went into my bedroom and shut the door telling their brothers not to disturb them because they not only had to find their outfits, but they also had to “do their makeup.”

The boys always dress quickly.  There is a stash of baseball shirts and Illini- wear from when the daddies were young.

Here we are breaking all the rules about playing wiffle ball in the house.  But you have to find some way to pass the time waiting for your sister.

The girls appeared wearing the first of several outfits that they modeled for us.  They enjoyed posing and then ran giggling back to the bedroom to change and to touch up their make up.

Then it was time for hide and go seek outside with Grandma being “it.”  There were a couple of super hiding places that caused me to wander around the yard looking and looking.

We ended the cousin play date our favorite way – making ice cream sundaes.  Ice cream and toppings, but oh, oh, Grandma forgot to buy whipped cream.

Thank you for stopping by Grandma in the Mailbox.  Next week I’ll finish the Spring Break visit talking about the eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna and  about some beautiful hyacinth creations the children made.

I hope you stop by again for another visit.


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