Take me out to the ball game

I am an ardent baseball fan even though my team has not won the World Series since 1908.  Yes, I am a Chicago Cub fan.

Recently when the grandchildren who live 20 minutes away were at my house,  they dressed the cat (not the real one) in Chicago Cub attire and added various bits of Cub memorabilia to the scene.  Being an eternal optimist, I made a W flag (for victory) for them to add.  If you look carefully, you will see a package of 1989 Topps baseball cards – unopened.

When my two grandsons were born, I bought each 20 packages of baseball  cards from 1988,  1989, and 1990.  I suggested that they keep them unopened until they were 10 years old.  (That will be 2015.)  Then they can open them to see if they have any valuable rookie cards.  Of course, the message was meant for the parents since newborns and infants and baseball cards don’t mix.  I did add the caveat that they shouldn’t chew the bubble gum enclosed in the packages.

When I asked my grandchildren if they could bring in some Cub items for our display,  my grandson brought in a number of his unopened baseball cards.

Yes, I know baseball cards.  The daddies were collectors, and I am still the custodian for 4 very large boxes of cards from their 70′s collections.

Back to “Take me out to the ball game.”   I am going to a Chicago Cub game with each family – two different days/two different games. 

This will be the first Cub game for each of the 5 year old grandsons so we will use the 5 inning rule and plan to stay for at least 5 innings.  Then based upon the score, the weather, and the interest of the children, we’ll decide if we stay longer.

We took my 8 year old granddaughter to her first Cub game when she was 9 months old.  She brought the Cubs luck, and we defeated the Cardinals that day. 

We took my 7 year old granddaughter to Wrigley Field when she was 3 months old.  We sat and sat  and sat watching the rain fall upon the tarp that covered the field.  After sitting for an hour and 45 minutes, we decided we would leave.  As we walked down the street to the car, we heard a cheer go up from the crowd.  The tarp was coming off the field.  We listened to the game in the car on the way home.  Cubs won.

It is a 3 hour ride in the car to the ball park.  I wanted to find something to help the time to pass for the children.  Doing some internet research, I came upon www.Everythingbaseballcatalog.com  Everything Baseball is a great site for sports fans.  They offer “The Chicago Cubs Coloring and Fun Book.” 

This is a 46 page book of connect the dots, coloring pages, mazes, secret message codes, word scrambles, word searches, and a hidden picture.  There is a variety of activities to keep small travelers busy and to help the city get closer.  I bought 4 of these so each grandchild will have a book to work on in the car on our way to the Friendly Confines.

My grandchildren who live 3 hours away enjoy finding license plates from various states when they are in the car with their daddy.  I found at www.momsminivan.com a license plate game.  It lists all 50 states with a check box next to each state.  I printed one of these for each child so that they can keep track of how many state license plates they see on our trip to the baseball game. 

July in Chicago can be really hot.  Luckily our seats are in the shade.  A friend suggested that I freeze bottles of water and put them in a cooler for the trip.  Then in the ball park we will each have a frozen bottle of water that will melt and help to keep us cool for about 4 innings.

Hot dogs, peanuts in the shell, singing the National Athem, home runs, foul balls – all parts of a summer holiday at the ball park.

Thanks for stopping by.  Each summer the grandchildren put something into our time capsule.  Stop by to read all about it.

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