Time Capsule

Last summer when all my grandchildren were at my house for a cousin play date, during snack time I asked if they knew what a time capsule was.  The two granddaughters did since new buildings had been constructed in their home towns, and time capsules were buried on those occasions.  I explained to the boys what a time capsule was.

Then I suggested that we make a time capsule.   They could each contribute a drawing or a book and some information about themselves.  My plan was for us to dig up the capsule each summer at a play date so we could add new items and could see what changes had taken place since the last summer play date.

I made a questionnaire for each child to complete.  It asked for their favorites – color, food, animal, movie, book, subject in school.  I asked what they want to be when they grow up, what they wanted for their birthday, and what they wished their name was.  The girls were able to complete this alone.  I helped the grandsons who were 4 at the time.  It was fun and interesting to hear and read the answers – especially what they wished their name was.

I asked each grandchild to draw a picture or write a little book to include in the time capsule.  We didn’t do it that day because this was a play date so they wanted to play.  Within a few weeks I had a contribution from each grandchild for the time capsule.

Originally I had planned to actually bury our time capsule, but finding an appropriate water proof container and finding a space in my garden were not easy problems to solve.  Instead I put everything into an accordian file folder and took it to the basement.  I don’t know about your basement, but taking something to my basement can be equal to “burying” it.

A few weeks ago again all the grandchildren were at my house for a summer cousin play date.  I brought out the time capsule.  I gave each child the same questionnaire they had completed the previous year. 

After they completed the questions, I passed out what they had said the previous year.  They were amazed.  There was much laughing and comments like “why did I say that?” and “weird.”

A grandson who last year wanted to be a Hiawatha driver (a particular type of train engine) now wants to be a tee ball instructor.  A granddaughter last year wanted to be a school teacher; now a farmer with a goat.  Last year a granddaughter wished her name were Zinnia; this year, Lauren.  The grandson who chose Batman as his favorite name last year chose Nick this year.

Each child will soon give me a picture or a story to include in the time capsule.

Later in the day when I saw the parents, I showed them the last year and this year answers for their children.  I wonder how they will change next summer.  So much fun.

I have mentioned that when the grandchildren get together, they get out the box of Melissa and Doug musical instruments and parade through my house as a band.  One of my grandsons suggested that we should name the band “The Time Capsule.”

Presenting “The Time Capsule” in a recent concert in grandma’s living room.

Thanks for stopping by.  It doesn’t seem possible, but soon school will be starting.  It will be time to send back-to-school postcards to the mailboxes of my grandchildren.  Off I go to search for riddles.

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