Time for a Birthday Cake

My granddaughter who lives 20 minutes away just celebrated her 8th birthday.  I have been the official cake baker for this princess all the way back to birthday #1.

She and her brother and I had a conference about the theme for her cake.  We have had a running joke for several years.  Her brother once wanted a car wash cake so she and I planned how to make it.  Then shortly before his birthday he changed the theme to his currently favorite Pixar movie.  Since that time I have been trying to sell the car wash theme each year.  My granddaughter looked at me and shook her head.  Maybe next year?

Eager for summer to come and eager to put on a swimming suit and head to a beach or pool, she selected a beach theme for her cake.

That sounded easy.  She and her brother went through the Play Mobile people that I have in the playroom.  They found a mother in a beach chair reading a book, a beach umbrella, two little ones to whom they gave ice cream cones and various beach toys.

My grandson requested the Play Mobile catalog and checked out other options, but I decided we had enough for a great cake.

The cake would have water (lake or ocean), and it would have a sandy area for the “people.”  I thought that raw sugar might work really well for sand.  The children weren’t sure so I poured some into a small bowl.  They looked at it; they tasted it, and it won their approval.

I baked the traditional (for this family) white cake using a box and a half of white Duncan Hines cake mix.  The cake was baked in a 2 inch deep 9 X 13 inch pan.   I stirred up my favorite butter cream frosting (recipe in the recipe archives).  Deep blue was added to half the frosting for the water; the white provided a base for our sandy beach.  I had found some beach creatures (octopus, dolphin, sea horse, whale, and fish) in the cake decorations at Hobby Lobby. These marine animals were placed into the blue water.

The raw sugar sand was sprinkled liberally on the white frosting.  Finally the sunbathing Play Mobile family was stuck into the sand.

One cake ready to party.  Mom put 8 candles into the water and we all sang Happy Birthday as the birthday lass huffed and puffed and blew the candles out – with a little help from her younger brother.

It is so much fun to make birthday cakes for my grandchildren.  They always greet the cake with smiles and “come look at what Grandma made” when I walk into the house with the cake.

Thank you for visiting Grandma in the Mailbox.  I have been following the walk from Arizona to  Chicago by 5 guys and a goat named Wrigley.  They are raising money for cancer research and trying to break the “curse” against the Chicago Cubs. My grandchildren enjoy hearing of  their adventures on the road.  They have reached Springfield, Missouri, as they tred northward. Check in next week to read all about it.


One Response to “Time for a Birthday Cake”

  1. Jen R. Says:

    Adorable cake! Your grandchildren are so lucky to have you.