Valentine Place Mats

I have made a Valentine treat for my grandchildren that will not go into their mailboxes.  I’ll deliver these to them personally.

I have made place mats that they can use during the Valentine season.

First, I bought some day-glo card stock.

Then I searched for some children’s Valentines that all the children would like.

They all love the Pixar movies so that was a perfect choice.   A few years ago when they were younger and had diverse interests I made placemats using princess cards, My Little Pony cards, Bob the Builder cards, and Wiggles cards.  Everyone  received his/her favorite on a place mat.

Now that they are older and can read, I typed up some blurbs to add to the place mats – blurbs about the movies.  ”Which movie did you like best?’  ”Which movies are these characters in – Sulley, Bullseye, Dash, Ramone, Violet, Finn McMissile?”  ”Name something funny in each movie.” “Which movie would you like to see again?”  ”Which movies are these characters in – Rex, Linguine, Marlin, Jessie, Dory, Russell?”  ”How many Pixar movies can you name?”  (Yes, I have watched many Pixar movies with my grandchildren.)

Why the blurbs?  Sometimes at breakfast the children eat by themselves at the table while their parents are getting ready for the day.  My grandchildren can read the questions and tell their sibling the answers.  If the whole family is dining together, everyone can talk about their favorite movies.  I didn’t put names on the place mats so they can trade them whenever they want.

I put 4 Valentines + some blurbs on the piece of card stock with photo mounts.  Then I added Valentine hearts to decorate the place mat.

I covered the back of the card stock with a piece of clear Contact paper.  Then I covered the front of the place mat with clear Contact paper.  I trimmed the edges.

And voila – place mats for the grandchildren.

I think my grandchildren will enjoy reading the Valentines, reading the questions and talking and laughing about their favorite Pixar movies.   It will be fun to give them their surprises before Valentine’s Day.

Thank you for visiting Grandma in the Mailbox.  I hope you visit again. Next time I’ll be reminiscing about a February back when I was a young girl.

Happy Valentine’s Day.  Hope that you have some special cards in your mailbox.

2 Responses to “Valentine Place Mats”

  1. Jen R. Says:

    Adorable!!!!! I love all your ideas.

  2. Patrick Says:

    With the kids still insisting on using them without exception, not sure if this will change before Halloween placemat time! ;)