Valentine’s Day is around the corner.

My grandchildren who live 20 minutes away recently came for a play date – one final chance to play with the Snow Village before it was tucked away until next year – and time to get ready for Valentine’s Day.

Of course, we had to dress the cat (not the real one.)

The cat did not come with a Valentine costume so my grandson made a blanket for the cat and my granddaughter made a hat and a bib.  All ready for the holiday.

I thought it would be fun to make a Valentine tree.  First, the tree -

With my trusty lopers I chopped off two branches from a viburnum bush and inserted them into a square of floral foam.  My cat Olivia is inspecting the tree to see if there are any good smells there.  As you can see, the tree is temporaily resting in the Snow Village that was about to be packed away.

My grandchildren were going to trim the tree for me.  Before they arrived, I had made heart shapes – many hearts in many sizes.  Of course, I learned when the children started working that I didn’t have nearly enough hearts and had to cut more as they worked.  There were hearts and stickers and markers and crayons and lace doilies.  Off they started to work on their creations.

My grandson decided to draw pictures on his Valentines.

He has a snowman with a Valentive love bubble; a train carrying a load of Valentines, a Wii bowling alley with hearts on each side and a Chicago Cub Valentine for my Cub gnome to wear.

My granddaughter drew colored hearts with doilies and embellishments.

Her Valentines graced the tree and the veteran cat plus my new cast iron cat.

Carefully, carefully they hung their Valentines on the tree.  Why carefully – well, the tree is not totally stable.  The cat had already tipped it over.  Presto, the tree was finished.  We stood looking at the tree with the tinsel they had draped on it and at each of the Valentines they had made.

Fun, fun, fun.

Time for lunch.  I had made a plate of pbj sandwiches and had bowls of fresh berries.  As we sat down for lunch, I brought out two of their favorite Valentine books.  I said I knew they could read the books themselves, but it was so much fun for me to read to them.  My granddaughter said, “I really like it when you read to us.”  SO I did.  I read The Night Before Valentine’s Day by Natasha Wing.

As we went through the book, one child or another pointed out something funny on each page – like when the envelope stuck to the boy’s tongue or the principal came into the classroom dressed as Cupid.

Then I read Queen of Hearts by Mary Engelbreit.  We read this one every year.  My grandchildren like to watch as Anne Estelle adds more and more to her Valentine box, and they wait to see what she has forgotten to do.

Soon it was time for Mom to pick them up.  They ran to the door and told her to close her eyes.  They led her into the living room and placed her in front of the Valentine tree.  Then they told her to open her eyes.  Surprise.

Thank you for visiting Grandma in the Mailbox.  I hope you visit next week when I show you the fun I had greeting the Year of the Dragon with my grandchildren.


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