Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

Recently I went over the river to visit my grandchildren who live 3 hours away.  We always have a craft activity when we get together.  Since Chinese New Year was just around the corner, I suggested that we could make dragon masks – masks for the whole family.

My 6 year old grandson was quite excited because his class was planning a parade for the Year of the Dragon.  He said that he would take his mask to school to wear it in the parade.

I found two really great dragon patterns on the internet.  Below you can see one of them.  Actually the masks were available in color or black and white.  Since we were going to color masks, I printed the black and white ones for my grandchildren to use.

dragon masks coloring 231x300 Chinese New Year Printable Craft: Dragon Animal Masks

I found the masks at:  http://www.animaljr.com/chinese-new-year-printable-craft-dragon-animal-masks/

We got down on the floor to work on the masks.  I had brought along felt pens, colored pencils, and crayons for the children to use.

My granddaughter used colored pencils.

My grandson liked the bright, bold colors of the markers for his masks.

They each colored two masks so everyone in the family would have a mask to wear.  We taped a soda straw at one side in the back of the mask to use to hold the mask when “wearing” it.

My grandchildren were eager to model their masks when they were finished.


In addition to the masks we made fortune cookies out of circles of felt.

How to Make a Fortune Cookie Craft

I found the instructions for the fortune cookies at:  http://familycrafts.about.com/od/asianeastcrafts/ss/fortunecookie.htm

The instructions suggest using a glue gun to put the cookies together.  I instead opted to use felt glue.  First, you fold the felt circle in half and glue the top, middle edges.  It took a few minutes for this to dry so the children had time to write fortunes to slip into the cookies.  I had brought along a list of fortunes if they were stumped for ideas.  However, they went right to work writing fortunes.  They also  included lucky numbers.  They had great ideas and funny fortunes.


The website shows a video for assembling the fortune cookies.  You slip in the fortune and then gently push up the center of the cookie while you pull the two ends down together and glue them.  This was not a simple process so Grandma got to do the final gluing of the cookie.  I had brought along snap clothes pins that I used to hold the ends together until the glue dried.

At the end of the afternoon when the whole family was together, my grandchildren distributed the masks and they sat for a Year of the Dragon portrait.

Then the fortune cookies were handed out and everyone pulled out a fortune and read it to the family.  Laughs and smiles.  We had only made 4 fortune cookies so I didn’t have one.  My granddaughter said that I needed a fortune anyway so she wrote a fortune and gave it to me.

My fortune:  If you take a picture of a mermaid and she winks at you, that is good luck.”  She also included my lucky numbers.  I won’t share those with you since I just might use them to play the Lotto.

Such a fun visit, but it was time for me to slip back into my car and go over the river and home again.   As I drove home, I smiled thinking of our craft time, of playing school, and of playing the board games Hungry Hippos and Dinosaurs Extinct.  My mouth watered as I remembered our trip to the coffee shop to pick up an assortment of bakery treats so that we could have a pastry buffet for breakfast as we watched Kung Fu Panda.

Thank you for stopping by Grandma in the Mailbox.  Back to thoughts of Valentine’s Day.  I hope you stop by again soon.

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